TLDP emphasizes that everybody has actually an effective „maladaptive cyclic development (PCM),” otherwise an initial trend out of a challenging relationships

Recent research has presented enneatypes in the positioning with modern psychodynamic tips that can help somebody select ineffective activities and assists corrective psychological experiences to know the newest method of relating to anybody else. The new enneagram principle contains conceptual similarity so you can latest psychodynamic treatment activities, especially short-term designs instance Big date-Restricted Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP), whereby there was look to support their effectiveness, such as for example, improved connection coverage , and for the maintenance out-of healing outcomes . Hence, so it concept of the fresh working of your own personality was synchronous that have the newest Enneagram concept.

Including psychodynamic models including the TLDP, the new Enneagram may also be useful in intellectual and behavioural techniques. Such as for example, for the Intellectual Behavioural Procedures (CBT) , folks are led to understand more about their point of views and schemas, and cognitive distortions, which may be linked to unhelpful emotions and behaviors. Studies have located connectivity ranging from Enneagram versions and you will cognitive plans , very understanding the typology out of character according to this approach helps the given individual to learn its cognitive inclinations and you are able to distortions. During the Welcome and you may Connection Procedures , one of many key desires is to try to reduce the rigid reaction and raise mental independence. Simultaneously, they enables the niche to boost focus on affairs one involve a rigorous way of per someone else, adopting the inclinations of its archetype. This is certainly believed a kick off point to begin with focusing on coming down rigid responses and you may expanding mental freedom.

Therefore, on the psychometric position, it had been considered to carry out an instrumental study of the fresh Identity Form of Inventory According to Enneagram that analyzes the brand new nine identification representations depending on the Enneagram [thirteen, 15]. Ergo, this study will assess the psychometric services of one’s establish enneagram tool in the an example from Peruvian youngsters off wellness sciences to gather sufficient proof of authenticity and you can reliability, ergo conforming towards the standards because of its particular play with like the individuals provided with The factors for Instructional and Psychological Investigations [step three,cuatro,33].

Material and techniques

This research was crucial since it assessed the fresh psychometric functions and the fresh variation out of an emotional device . The study take to was developed upwards out of 1096 Peruvian university students, and therefore constitutes 520 males (47.4%) and you will 576 girls (52.6%) with years ranging from 20 and you may forty years (ME=; SD=3.53). The newest simples was indeed primarily made up of therapy students (80.7%), the fresh new sleeps was in fact nursing and you may nutrition students, whoever pupils belonged so you can several school locations about Peruvian city of Lima. The entire sample is provided to possess analysis predicated on intercourse and you may decades (20-23, and you can 24-40) by using the Bayesian t-try to choose the individuals significant distinctions that have definitive proof of Bayes factor [BF]> ten.

The new PCM describes models out of attitude on the the newest care about, requirement, and you may thinking off anyone else, and you may means of connected that are dynamically interrelated and you can constantly dysfunctional matchmaking

The fresh Identification Sort of Collection According to Enneagram (PTIBE) (x) was used. It including forty two issues, grouped to your 9 points (enotypes): compulsive concept consisting of facts [1-5], helper [6-9], Achiever [10-15], personal [16-20], researcher [21-25], loyal [26-29], adventurer [30-33], challenger [34-39] and you will pacifist [40- 44]. What exactly get in one to help you six (No, No, Partially no, Neither sure nor zero, Partially sure, Yes, Certainly yes). It had been however decided upon this new recommendation of specialists in the message recognition of the instrument to modify four sort of solutions (Never ever, Almost never, Always, Always).

On variation of your software, an official translation procedure for the first PTIBE factors are transmitted aside utilizing the translation means „right back interpretation” , hence contains converting the dimensions of English in order to Language and you can, after, retranslating brand new variation. of Spanish to English, guaranteeing the brand new equivalence of your translation. Next, a beneficial concordance studies are achieved between judging which have knowledge of the female escort in McAllen TX world of systematic therapy and you can psychological dimension, into features particularly clearness, benefit, and you will benefit of the items regarding the construct becoming analyzed, whose V opinions of Aiken have been higher than new founded lowest [?.70] . Just after evidencing the content legitimacy, the latest questionnaire was applied to just one decide to try from 1096 Peruvian pupils regarding fitness sciences.

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