The army alliance of Religious Rome and you can Zoroastrian (Mazdaian) Persia eliminated brand new 600-year state away from Mets Hayk‘inside 387

Address 1. Nakhichevan (Nakhchvan) is the 35 th state out-of Vaspurakan, the brand new 8 th province away from Mets Hayk‘ (Higher Armenia), ‘the spot where the town that shares an equivalent name is receive.’ Still, Goght‘letter, the 34 th province regarding Vaspurakan on state of historic Mets Hayk‘, and you will Ernjak, the newest 1 st state out of Syunik‘, which is the nine th state of the same county, Chahuk, both nd state, and additionally Shahur (Shahur Area ), brand new twenty-two nd state out-of Ayrarat, which is the fifteen th state, thus, strongly knowledgeable and you may shared in common governmental, spiritual-cultural life of the metropolis off Nakhichevan, the midst of Nakhichevan Province more than centuries. Hence, from the Nakhichevan Region, we suggest all four provinces, Goght‘letter, Ernjak, Chahuk, and you can Sharur out of Nakhchavan of Historical Armenia, once the noted over. The regions continue upon brand new valleys and mountainous nations on left-hand coast of your own Araks River, that is in the middle of mountainous organizations regarding Zangezur and Vayk‘. Given that Vaspurakan, Syunik‘ and you will Ayrarat had been provinces of the Middle Community (main territories) from Historic Armenia, together with territory out of Nakhichevan, also, try regarded as a heart Globe (central) territory regarding Armenia.

The brand new Statement centered on inquiries and you can responses temporarily gift suggestions the new governmental appeal of the territory off Nakhichevan off Historic Armenia throughout the very start yet

Question dos. Whenever and lower than what governmental criteria performed the newest Armenian Arshakuni Dynasty place the fresh new solid first step toward the new Armenian national program, literacy, and you may literature?

Inside 428, Persia removed the fresh new Armenian Arshakuni Dynasty that however had electricity on the lands away from Mets Hayk‘ at the mercy of Persia, modifying they to the a giant management-territorial tool, Armenian marzapanut‘yun

Respond to dos. Because of this, one-fifths regarding Mets Hayk‘ introduced so you can Rome, and you can four-fifths was susceptible to Persia. Whereas from inside the 395, the newest Roman Empire was split into two-fold-Western Roman Kingdom (the main city is actually Rome), and you will East Roman (Byzantine) Empire with the financial support, Byzantion otherwise Constantinople. Rome enacted the causes one constructed the only-fifths off Mets Hayk‘, which had dropped aside when you look at the 387, to help you Byzantium, a kingdom which had to lawfully grab the command over the brand new areas for the 395. Meanwhile, brand new Byzantine Empire is engaged in other war alongside Persia up until 422, whenever, in the long run, the brand new Persian-Byzantine Serenity Treaty is ended. Mesrop Mashtots‘, to begin with on the village from Limits‘ekats‘of your own province out of Taron, who was very skilled regarding the Persian, Assyrian, and you may Greek dialects try a receptionist at regal courtroom away from the brand new Armenian Arshakuni Empire that has been planning to failure not as much as malicious military-political conditions aforementioned, underneath the signal off Khosrov III, Queen away from Armenia inside the 396-399. Sahak We Parthew (387-439), the new son regarding Nerses We Parthew (353-373), this new Catholicos of the many Armenians, was opted because the good Catholicos of all Armenians into the 387. In this months, Vramshapuh, Queen out of Armenia recognized for their expertise, reigned the new Armenian Arhsakuni Kingdom inside 389-414. Mashtots‘remaining their governmental-royal work environment out-of secretary and is actually purchased because the a good spiritually well known vardapet (archimandrite) and you may started the latest propaganda path regarding Christianity at province of Goght‘n of historical Nakhichevan, in which Goght‘a keen gusans (troubadour) liked extensive popularity. It’s the state from Goght‘an enthusiastic in which Mashots‘found to manufacture the newest Armenian alphabet and you can literature out of historic benefits. Furthermore, he remaining Goght‘letter, stumbled on Vagharshapat, and you may recommended his attention in order to Sahak Parthew, Armenian Catholicos, and you will Vrampashapuh, Armenian Queen. Brand new Armenian regal court and you will Catholocosate approved Mashtots‘’idea and you may, ergo, the guy created the Armenian alphabet, colleges, and you may literary works for the 406. Immediately following people situations, Mashtots‘ returned to the newest state off Goght‘letter again and instantaneously started practise new Armenian alphabet, literacy, and you will literature, remaining creating Armenian colleges about province regarding Goght‘n.

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