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infinity wallet

Moreover, you should also read the reviews of other users before buying the best wallet for storing your litecoins. Keeping all these factors in mind and reading the reviews of the users, the following are the 8best litecoin wallets being used all across the world. Secure multiple assets, including Litecoin using a Ledger hardware wallet. Your private keys, giving access to your assets, remain safe in a certified secure chip.

Can I Trade On Decentralized Exchanges Using A Litecoin Wallet?

It is operated on the technology of blockchainsand does not have any centralized authorities. It offers complete financial control to the users and allows quick transactions. A Litecoin wallet works differently depending on which one you choose. While all Litecoin wallets help you store Litecoin, send, and receive wallets, not all wallets have features beyond that. To put it simply, a Litecoin wallet allows you to interact with the Litecoin blockchain to help you manage your LTC.

Another feature of this cryptocurrency wallet is the quick and instant support from the developers. Exodus is also one of the most attractive wallets because of its very beautiful user interface. The overall design of the interface is a lot colorful and unique. Along with being beautiful, it is quite easy to use even for the beginners.

Major Cryptocurrency Wallet Characteristics

However, if you install the best ltc wallet on a computer that has malware or connects to the Internet via unsecured Wi-Fi networks, your funds may still be at risk. Some examples include the CryptoWallet app, the Ledger Live Android app, the Litewallet iOS app, and Jazz. If you lose the Ledger device and the backup password, there’s no way of recovering your funds at the time of writing. This setup, called a „full node,” also helps secure the Litecoin network and keep it running smoothly. The software can be installed on a Windows, Linux, or macOS computer.

What is the best Litecoin wallet?

Guarda is one of the best wallets according to and for Litecoin. Guarda is a non-custodial wallet that supports more than 400K+ assets. Use an online wallet right in your browser or download a mobile version.

Some cryptocurrency wallets allow you to buy Litecoin directly from them. For example, the Exodus Litecoin wallet lets you exchange crypto directly. Also, Exodus offers customers a wide variety of cryptocurrency wallets they can open, as well as customer support and crypto trading through a connected exchange.

Bitcoin Price Retraces from Recent High: Are the Bears Taking Over?

Send and receive LTC easily with a Litecoin address or scannable QR code. On Anycoin Direct you can either use the Anycoin Vault or have the Litecoin sent to an external wallet. Affiliate partners cannot pay CaptainAltcoin to guarantee favorable review or higher ratings on the website. does not offer any sort of financial or investment advice.

Choose which external party you want to withdraw to (e.g. bank account, Paypal) and click „confirm transaction.” Select the portfolio you would like to use, then select the asset you wish to exchange and then the asset you want to receive. An international speaker and author who believes in blockchain and the crypto world. And if LTC you are a multi-currency lover, then buying a Ledger is not a bad deal at$100. Should be compatible with different operating systems and devices.

Web LTC wallet

Exchange wallets provide temporary storage of a cryptocurrency just after you buy it on an exchange. Exchange wallets aren’t meant for long term storage, as they are targets for hackers. But they’re a convenient place to find your crypto just after you buy it. You can also send crypto to any wallet in your account, by clicking “deposit” by the wallet you want to use.


Users cannot store fiat currencies like pounds or euros in wallets like Exodus, nor can they spend crypto on real products using the app. If you lose or damage the device, you’ll need the seed phrase key stored safely. Again, some users find the interface offered by this company complicated. As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, users are coming to expect more advanced features than a simple one-use solution to store a single currency. Modern types of wallets can contain a host of added features.

Best Bitcoin Desktop Wallets Available for Download [Editor’s Pick]

Guarda is a non-custodial wallet that supports more than 400K+ assets. Use an online wallet right in your browser or download a mobile version. Secure your Litecoin tokens with the most trusted cold wallet. Certain wallets like the ones and Coinbase provide allow users to buy Litecoin with fiat currencies like US Dollars.

Not all wallets match this quality but YouHodler tries its best to. A Litecoin wallet is software or hardware that helps one store Litecoin and manage Litecoin transactions. There are a variety of different wallets like desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets.


Users can also turn to Litecoin-specific software developed by the cryptocurrency’s boosters. It allows you to have full control and access to your private keys. Lite-Vault does not support any other cryptocurrency but only LTC coins specifically. As cryptocurrencies are not like physical currencies, the storing wallets should have a backup and restore feature to enhance its security. This feature helps to restore all the lost transactions in case of any issue. is also considered as the secure wallet because of its being offline.

  • An international speaker and author who believes in blockchain and the crypto world.
  • Click here to download YouHodler for iOS and ready all about our Litecoin wallet functionalities for your iPhone.
  • With these programs, you’re able to manage and control your funds.
  • Not only this, the users of this wallet can exchange the currencies within the wallet.
  • You retain an extreme degree of control over these assets because of private keys.

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